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The earth is home to all of nature’s creations. As part of the big family the earth houses, we share nature's bounty. Presently the population of the world is growing at an enormous rate and so are the needs of its inhabitants. Industrialisation and urban development mean excessive use of resources and a great amount of pollution.

Alternate sources of power prove to be the wisest solution to these problems that threaten our very existence on this earth. Alternate energy sources, also known as Green Energy, are already being harnessed in the need to save the planet from a total energy crisis and the irreparable damage caused due to pollution.

With a vision for a greener, healthier India, and ultimately the world, Muthoot Alternate Energy Resources is committed to the conservation of conventional energy sources by seeking alternate ones.

Several incentives and facilities are offered by the Central and State Governments of India to entrepreneurs harnessing wind energy. Muthoot Alternate Energy Resources have utilised them to full potential and converted them into wind farms.